Naughty Nerd Costume


Naughty Nerd Costume

The key to being the teacher’s favorite, in case you have ever wondered, is always being prepared, bringing the professor coffee in the mornings, and asking relevant questions. School presentation? Please, you’ll have a Shakespearean skit rehearsed and ready to go, along with a polished slideshow to go with yours. Three-page essay due? More like eleven pages when you’re done—all full of pertinent information, no filler. Group project to organize and complete? Sorry, kids, you had it done the day before it was assigned, and it was in their email inboxes the morning after. So much for their participation grade, are we right? My, oh my, please teach us how you remain so productive after all this hard work!Or, if you want to do well in class, but your extra-curriculars—wink, wink—are more of a priority for you, you can always go the lazier route and just wear this Naughty Nerd Costume. We designed the high-waisted dress to look like a skirt and blouse combination with suspenders, and it zips in back for easy in-and-out. It even comes with a choker, black-rim glasses, and bikini-style panties with “Extra Credit” printed on the back. Getting extra attention from the teacher will be the least trouble it’s ever been!

It’s no wonder you’re always given extra credit! Prove that being smart doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy in this Naughty Nerd Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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