Orange Gogo Boots


Orange Gogo Boots

Anyone knows that the right dress, the perfect headband, the clutch and earrings, the flawless makeup, and even the right moves on the dance floor are only half of the look. Every outfit needs that one remaining thing to keep the entire regalia grounded, something that helps to make sure that you put the right foot forward when you step into the room and give your very first impression to everyone so that you can be sure they will be floored. Actually finding that last piece can be a bit of a stumble, though, especially if you can’t quite put your … toe on it. Of course! It’s the shoes.Especially when you are set up to hit the dance floor in your ‘60s gear or looking to stomp down some baddies in your flaring superhero costume, it is crucial that you get your feet into these Women’s Orange Gogo Boots. With a shining faux patent leather fabric and a side zipper, the boots are a perfect completion to nearly every eye-catching impression you seek to make. With it’s thick 3” heel, you’ll not only be standing above the competition, but you can ensure that you’ll be doing so with a firm footing.

Stay cool little momma in a pair of swanky boots! These Orange Gogo Boots are a psychedelic way to complete your retro seventies or dumb and dumber look. For a far out look we carry an orange cane and hat!

SAS ID: 38286

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