Girls Dorothy Costume


Girls Dorothy Costume

What little girl wouldn’t want to be like Dorothy Gale?! She has an adorable little dog, some sparkly magic shoes made of rubies, and she’s incredibly lucky when it comes to tornadoes. While we can’t offer much advice about dealing with tornadoes (other than to stay really far away from them), we can say that this cute Dorothy Costume is the perfect way for your little girl to look just like the star of the classic film The Wizard of Oz!Once your little one is dressed up in this fashionable gingham style dress, she’ll be off to see the Wizard! But wait, did we forget something? Oh right, a pair of ruby slippers, just like the ones Dorothy got from Glinda the Good Witch! She can’t go skipping down the Yellow Brick Road in just any old shoes. And what fun is an epic storybook quest if she’s all by herself? She definitely needs a cute little canine companion to tag along, but if you don’t already have a dog (and heading to the adoption center is not in the cards), a basket with a toy pup in it also makes a perfect furry friend. There, now she really is ready for adventure!Whether your girl is dressing up for some Halloween trick-or-treating, or she’s showing off her acting chops as Dorothy on a stage, this dazzling costume is a wonderful look for the job. Just add ruby red slippers to match the dress’s red ribbon details, and she’ll be ready for anything! Except tornadoes, everyone should still keep clear of those.

Your child can star in her own version of The Wizard of Oz in this girls Dorothy costume! The adorable costume features Dorothy Gale’s signature look from the classic story.

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