Hamburgers Print Fydelity Fanny Pack


Hamburgers Print Fydelity Fanny Pack

A BURGER BANANZA You know those ’50s style restaurants that would always have some kind of giant entree with a time limit and a board of victors?  The kind of meal that shouldn’t be eaten by any fewer than eight folks but would earn you a prize or dinner for free if you could finish? They’re not around much anymore, but they were so good for the soul.  (Not too great on the arteries, stomach, or probably anything else… but great for the soul!)  Fortunately, there are ways to get the same vicarious thrill without fearing the time limit. PRODUCT DETAILSThey say that some meals go right to the butt and this one is especially true.  Of course, it also stores things and you can drop this weight with ease!  Thanks to this Hamburger Print Fanny Pack, you can store all sorts of things in a 9×6 inch bag that straps around your waist while also showing off to the world just how much you love a good burger! THE BIGGEST BURGER!Feel like a winner of those epic restaurant contests no matter where you go when you get to keep the giant hamburger with you!  Choose your fixings when you open up this Hamburger Print Fanny Pack and stow all your favorite things.  It might not be edible, but it’s sure delicious! 

Complete your burger joint costume with this Hamburger Print Fydelity Fanny Pack!

SAS ID: 38286

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