Deluxe Monster Bride Costume


Deluxe Monster Bride Costume

We spend much of our lives planning for the Special Day. We want the music to be right, the perfect flowers, the right venue. There are so many details that many of us beginning planning before we even hit our teenage years and keep refining the plans for the perfect wedding ceremony and reception up until we are ready to walk down that aisle.Of course the problem with lots of planning is that we occasionally expire before that glorious day happens. What is a monstrous, reanimated construction supposed to do when you’re ready to dance and enjoy the beginning of marital bliss… but look just a little different than you might have initially expected to appear?Well, fret no more! The Deluxe Monster Bride costume is here to make your Special Day a reality, even if you aren’t quite the same human that you once were! Hell, this is going to be even better. We begin with your bridal gown, naturally. It has been recovered and… mostly restored. Admittedly, it’s a little tattered and has some new slits on the sleeves, but the shoulder drapes and accented floral lace perfectly matches your newly adapted and unique beauty. The modified crushed velvet choker will now fit perfectly around your electric neck bolts, too! With that gown set up and lovely, it is time for your hair. Good news, it was all styled up and prepared while you were being reanimated! Tall as the night is long with glorious white streaks to contrast the dark black, you can guarantee that all eyes will be on you for your special day. (Just let us know how many will be in your wedding party so we can get to reanimating them, too!)

Transform into Frankie’s blushing bride with this Deluxe Monster Bride Costume. This classic costume comes with the iconic wig and choker.

SAS ID: 38286

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