Child Black Fringe Flapper Costume


Child Black Fringe Flapper Costume

Has your daughter been practicing her Charleston? Her feet swinging out in impossible ways. Or perfecting the Black Bottom? Her arms doing a funky chicken kind of motion, an pulling her knees up to her chest. Then doing what looks like jumping jacks. Tap dance and ballet have become boring to her, tedious even. They have too strict movements, unlike the Peabody where she can be as flamboyant or elegant as she wants.Then there is the way she has been dressing. It’s a cute style, but you can’t quite figure out where she got the loose vee neck sweater. Or the knee length pleated skirt. Or the long pearl necklaces for that matter. And those shoes. You can’t quite remember buying them for her, maybe they are her tap shoes. Guess that’s just what happens when you have kids, can’t remember anything.For her school dance she has asked for the whole get up. This Child Black Fringe Flapper Costume is the perfect item to pull together her look. She will showoff her awesome dancing skills. And her dress fringe will be doing a crazy swish while she is doing the funky chicken and jumping jack motions of the Black Bottom. Her shoes making the rhythmic tap on the gym floor as she does the Charleston. Her pearl necklaces swinging back and forth as she kicks her feet high. Just hope she doesn’t start talking like a flapper girl. You’ll have to ask Google what she means when she calls someone the ‘big cheese’.

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