Women’s Skeleton Hands Tights


Women’s Skeleton Hands Tights

GET YOUR HANDS ON THEMUsually, skeletons and grim reapers don’t have any interest in picking out clothing to wear, let alone accessories. For one, they don’t have any flesh on their bones so getting dressed isn’t exactly a necessity for them. (Unless they get chilly, then they prefer to cover up with a blanket or snuggie.) They also have no use for accessory items like socks, jewelry, hats and all forms of hosiery, but these tights changed the game. Now nestled inside their drawer next to their trusty blankies and cuddly snuggies, are these women’s skeleton hands tights. Grim reapers and skeletons saw the boney hands displayed throughout the tights prompting them to get their hands on the chic accessory. (Seems to be a case of monkey-see/monkey-do only with skeletons.) Anway, the tights have become a hit in both the skeleton and fashionista communities and they’re going quick. You may want to get your hands on them… quick!PRODUCT DETAILS   Designed by Leg Avenue, these fishnet stockings feature woven skeleton hands from hip to toe and are made from a blend of nylon and spandex so they’re very stretchy and comfortable. STYLE ESSENTIALThese fishnets not only look good with a skeleton or grim reaper costume but they also look stylish with a plain black skirt or dress. 

Buy these Women’s Skeleton Hands Tights to finish off your costume in style!

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