Women’s Santa Babe Opposuit


Women’s Santa Babe Opposuit

Here at the FUN headquarters, we’re campaigning for Christmas vacation to last from December 2nd to January 2nd. So far, the powers that be haven’t budged but we remain firm that the strategy to implement a month-long vacay is a great idea. Allow us to explain: First of all, minimal work gets done because everyone has visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. (Oh yea, and visions of that new flat screen 3D TV you’ve been begging for.) Secondly, everyone takes plenty of time off during the holiday season and this disrupts the workflow, so it just makes sense to cancel work altogether. (Okay, that one may be a stretch). Last but not least, it would lessen Christmas shopping stress which everyone suffers. How awesome would it be to have 4 weeks off so you can leisurely shop for gifts? Sayonara, holiday stress! (See, isn’t our argument fairly convincing?)We’re still currently trying to win over our bosses with the idea but until then we’ve got to do our best to liven up the holiday atmosphere in the office. Thank goodness we came upon Opposuits while surfing the internet for items to put on our Christmas wishlist. This line of festive suits will bring some fun to any workplace that may be suffering from a case of the bah-humbugs. Plus, there are suits for both men and women.The one pictured here is the Santa Babe suit. It features a single button suit jacket and a matching pencil skirt with a hidden back zipper. You may have to go to work most of the month, but at least you can look extremely snazzy (and jolly) while doing so! 

This is a Women’s Santa Babe Opposuit.

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