Womens Police Shirt & Tie


Womens Police Shirt & Tie

Do you ever get tired of getting in trouble with the local law enforcement? Maybe you’re tired of getting tickets for zooming through residential zones at 60 mph (slow pokes!). Or parking in front of fire hydrants. Or texting while driving. Or committing petty fraud. Or breaking into jewelry stores. Police officers have no sense of humor! You never dreamed they’d actually write you up for driving the wrong way down a one-way during rush hour. It was the quickest way home! Cops these days are so sanctimonious, with their hard stance on laws and rules and what it means to break them.If you’re tired of being on the receiving end of tickets, maybe you’d like to see what’s it like to be the one giving them out. Well, you can’t actually do that unless you’re a real cop, but you can feel like one in this Women’s Police Shirt and Tie. Lay down the law while looking good while wearing the flattering V-neck shirt with silver snap buttons and decorative patches, along with the matching tie. You can button the shirt all the way or tie it at your waist for a little extra sauciness. You’ll be the one getting frisky in this Women’s Police Shirt and Tie! Just try to refrain from actually pulling anyone over, since you’re not really a cop… even if you look just as good as one!

Get a little frisky in this Womens Police Shirt & Tie. This sexy costume makes a fun and easy cop costume, and comes in sizes S-L.

SAS ID: 38286

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