Women’s Misbeheaven Nun Costume


Women’s Misbeheaven Nun Costume

Halo HiccupYou had the best intentions when you took the veil. You really thought you could make it as a sister. You didn’t mind burning the midnight oil in the Cathedral. The smell of incense permeating the air raises goosebumps on your arms to this day. And when you’re listening to Latin someone could push you over with a feather! It wasn’t the lifestyle that did you in, it was the all the rules. First, not only was juicy gossiping banned from the dinner table, talking was banned too. How can you enjoy that delicious Catholic wine if you can’t get giddy with all your sisters? Then you found out you weren’t allowed to watch your reality shows. You kept longing for Big Brother when the commercial came on but they’d snap the television off as soon as the local news was over. And when Mother Superior caught you Snapchatting and smacked your palms with a ruler, that was the last straw. It’s time to toss the rules aside and start a different kind of order. Product Details & DesignThis gorgeous fitted dress was Made-By-Us, making sure you have a unique look that’ll stand out from the rest of the sisters out there. The fabric has a show-stopping wet look. The hem has two little pleats with white crosses at the top that match the collar. You’ll also have a matching wet look habit as well as elbow length gloves. Mass DestructionYou can be sure Mother Superior will toss your humble belongings out on the lawn once she sees this outfit. But that’s what rebellion is all about, right? Whether you’re dressing up for a themed party or you’re heading out to a club for Halloween, you’ll feel unholy yet divine in this outfit. It’s time a sister let her veil down!

Put a sexy spin on the traditional nun with this exclusively made by us Women’s Misbeheaven Nun Costume.

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