Women’s Blue Tutu


Women’s Blue Tutu

When did feeling “blue” become a negative thing? Why does blue equal sad? We have never understood it, but we think that whoever coined that phrase probably never got to wear this Women’s Blue Tutu, because it is an absolutely exhilarating experience!In layers of vivid, electric tulle, you can twirl, dance, skip, or stroll–all while feeling like an exuberant kid again! This little skirt has an elastic waist, so you can feel comfy, even when you layer it under a costume to add volume and fullness. It’s available in other fun colors, too! But, we have to admit, we love the blue. This little baby makes us feel “blue” every time we wear it–but we don’t mean sad. Nope, we mean bubbly, bold, and barely able to contain our excitement!

Whether you want to dance across the stage or create your own unique costume, this versatile Women’s Blue Tutu makes a fun addition to any costume!

SAS ID: 38286

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