Women’s Ain’t Afraid of No Wolf Costume


Women’s Ain’t Afraid of No Wolf Costume

Red Led RedemptionWhen Little Red Riding Hood came out of the woods on that famous day in the woods, she was pretty upset. Sure, her grandma was fine when the woodman came and saved her from the wolf’s stomach but no one would argue that it hadn’t been a close call. Now, some people would say that they’d never go into the woods again. Have Grandma move into your house once and for all for goodness sake! But why change your lifestyle just cause there are dishonest beastly creatures in the forest? Naw, that’s nuts. Red began lifting weights, throwing axes, and getting tough. Now she’s roaming the woods, looking for any animals that want to step out of line while she brings her grandma a basket of treats with an extra can of pepper spray so her granny stays safe!Product DetailsRed’s got it going on with a tough costume that’ll make your Halloween night extra photogenic. The look features a combined shirt and vest. The top has an off-the-shoulder cut with billowy sleeves and an uneven hemline that looks right at home in the woods. A lace-up vest is layered over top for a look that flatters any figure nicely. Layered under a red cape with a hood and a soft texture, you’ll look like you just stepped out of an action-packed version of this classic fairytale!Basket CaseWhat’s in your Little Red Riding Hood basket? It doesn’t have to just be full of treats. Fill your basket with your belongings to make sure your costume isn’t interrupted. Cause you’ll want to make sure your phone is on hand for a great selfie when you run into a wolf at a costume party. You could also finish this look off with a prop ax and tough looking scars tattoos on your face to match the show-stopping look featured here. One thing’s for sure, the woods will never be the same. 

That wolf has finally met its match. Show everyone that you own the woods with the Women’s Ain’t Afraid of No Wolf Costume!

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