Voodoo Doctor Mens Costume


Voodoo Doctor Mens Costume

You do Voodoo?Have you ever realized how hard it is to find a good Voodoo Doctor these days? It seems like once modern medicine rolled in with their brightly colored pills and complex machines people stopped looking for mysterious potions and complicated spells. Let’s not pretend that those guys in white jackets have all the answers, after all, they might be able to dull the pain but a doctor can’t write a prescription for heartbreak that you can pick up at your local pharmacy. The thing is, while people might be gaining a new interest in this field it seems like it’s harder than ever to get a good training in Voodoo healing these days, no matter how many Jimi Hendrix songs you listen to. Well, sometimes you’ve just got to dress the part before you learn what you’re doing. This is something regular doctors really shouldn’t do but when you’re dressing up as a Voodoo doctor you’ll either catch on or someone will say you’re doing it wrong. Your first task? Conquer the recipe for potion number nine, it’s like learning how to boil an egg, basic but important.Design & DetailsSo, if you’re ready to bring back that Voodoo healing then this outfit will suit your needs. The shirt has a handmade bone look that matches the bone printed gloves and is layered under a red vest with skull button details on the front and a snake swirl on the back. The hat is intricate with burlap and a tribal style fabric with a skull and feathers in the center of the brim. Pair this ensemble with the ceremonial skull staff and you’ll be ready to start your practice. Now, go out into the world and mend those achy breaky hearts with your famous potions!Voodoo Costumeare you ready to head down to the Big Easy to dispense your evil wares? Look the part in this vivid Voodoo costume for men.

Become the master of dark magic when you wear this exclusive Voodoo Doctor Mens Costume. This costume features a red vest with a bone accented shirt and matching hat and belt.

SAS ID: 38286

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