Striped Gangster Shirt


Striped Gangster Shirt

As far back as you can remember, have you always wanted to be a gangster? Do you need the perfect thing to wear while you’re managing the Tangiers? Do you want to look like you’d belong in the VIP section at the Bada Bing? Do you want to ask the Godfather for a special favor on this, the day of his daughter’s wedding, but have to be sure you look the part first? You gotta have a few things to fit in with the gangsters, and these things are respect, stugots, more respect — and a striped gangster shirt.This is the perfect shirt to wear for any activity, whether that is smuggling Canadian whiskey, rigging boxing matches, torching the Teamster union headquarters, or just enjoying a nice get together with your favorite goodfellas. Pair this shirt with a nice fedora and a “Chicago Typewriter” and you’ll be ready for anything! Even prison!

Get dangerous! This Striped Gangster Shirt has the look that’ll have you ready to rob banks and run the bootlegging industry.

SAS ID: 38286

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