Miss Behaved Prisoner Costume


Miss Behaved Prisoner Costume

So you fancy yourself a bad girl? And not just the kind of bad girl with a few parking tickets on her record, no, you’re the kind of bad girl that’s robbing banks and running through flurries of bullets. Although, living that wild lifestyle of yours gets you in trouble from time to time. But, hey, at least you can still have great style in the clink with this Miss Behaved Prisoner Costume!Have yourself a good ole fashion jailbreak this Halloween, when you run around in this sassy inmate outfit! Don’t worry about people asking why you got locked up in the first place. Trust us, they’ll just be happy that you’re free to hit the dance floor in this fun jailbird costume. With this cute striped dress and the matching inmate hat, you’ll be the best-looking prisoner in your cellblock without a doubt, maybe even the entire prison! You can even kick things up a notch by adding a few accessories to this costume. Grab some Handcuffs or a ball and chain combo. Then finish this new look with a pair of feisty knee-high boots. Once you complete this bad-tastic new look with the perfect accessories, you’ll be ready to show everyone how the caged bird parties!If you’re ready to do some serious time, grab this Miss Behaved Prisoner Costume. Have a friend dress up as a police officer and let the game of cat and mouse begin! Just don’t get caught again. Nothing is better than the sweet taste of freedom.

Just in case the boys didn’t know just how bad you are, you could wear the Miss Behaved Prisoner costume. Then they’ll know to call the cops when they see you walking around town.

SAS ID: 38286

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