Men’s Fortune Teller Gypsy Costume


Men’s Fortune Teller Gypsy Costume

Predicting the future isn’t quite as easy as it looks. Those fortune tellers always just look at a crystal ball, which starts glowing with an ominous light and then… BAM! The fortune unfolds right before their eyes. Or sometimes they just toss a few cards out onto the table and a story of your life comes to life. We tried that one, but we’re not quite sure what the 2 of diamonds is supposed to mean.The good news is that despite our complete and utter failure into the art of fortune telling, our costume designers spent many moons crafting outfits to help us non-clairvoyant people feel a little more in tune with the future. They have created a unique costume based on the mystical arts of fortune telling.This men’s fortune teller gypsy costume has a look reminiscent of those who used to scry the fates. It comes with a paisley shirt, along with a faux suede vest. It also comes with a belt and sash that add a colorful pop to the outfit. The headband really puts that really puts the finishing touch on the look.Now, when you head to the Renaissance Fair, you’ll look like someone who can see everything that awaits in the future, even if you can barely guess what day tomorrow is! Just make sure you accessorize this costume with some glamorous jewelry to fully transform into a fortune telling gypsy from the days of old.

This is an exclusive Men’s Fortune Teller Gypsy Adult Costume that includes shirt, vest, headband, belt, and sash.

SAS ID: 38286

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