Marie Antoinette Women’s Costume


Marie Antoinette Women’s Costume

Let them eat cake the most consequential misquote of history. Marie Antionette never made this arrogant suggestion, it was her aunt that said it. Also, it was very good advice. The original suggestion: when all the cheap bread was sold out the bakeries should sell the starving peasant cake for the same price as the bread. Not a bad idea, if you ask us.That being said, Marie Antionette did have a pretty intense love for the finer things in life. Let’s just say, she had a hard time sticking to the budget. But consider this, she was escorted to France with fifty-seven carriages, one hundred seventeen footmen, and three hundred horses at the impressionable age of fourteen, the example of extravagance was set immediately. So, she thought nothing of using yards of silks per gown and building up her large extravagant wigs to suit each occasion. Her famous ship wig? It was built to celebrate a French naval victory. In a way, Marie’s wigs were kind of like Tweets. The newspapers weren’t going to report what she said but they would report on what she wore!Marie may not have been a favorite of French peasants but she certainly changed fashion forever. Look at us! We’re still dressing like her! You won’t have to worry about losing your head when you don this gorgeous ensemble. This gown is lush with a blue silky material and pale mint green ruffles at the sleeves and down the front. Top it off with a gorgeous iconic white wig and you’ll be ready for your debut at Versailles. When you look this good you can have your cake and eat it too!

Become one of histories most infamous fashion icons when you put on this exclusive Marie Antoinette Women’s Costume.

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