Kid’s Waffle Costume


Kid’s Waffle Costume

The True King of BreakfastThe world of breakfast food has plenty of worthy contenders. Eggs are good, but they’re rather unexciting, even when they’re cooked to perfection. Fruit is okay, but you can have that any time of the day. Some people get crazy over bacon, but it’s not exactly vegetarian-friendly for all those people who can’t eat meat. Cereal is pretty good and it goes great with milk, but it’s definitely not the king of breakfast food. And don’t even try to act like toast is even in the top tier category! There’s really only one true option when it comes to breakfast. There’s only one food that gives you an excuse to eat, butter, syrup, and fruit with it. That’s right! It’s the mighty waffle!Yes, the beloved waffle, which had humble beginnings in the medieval times, has been delighting true breakfast lovers for hundreds of years. Cookbooks depicting delicious recipes of waffles go back as far as the 14th century and even today you can grab your favorite flavor from the frozen section of your grocery store (buttermilk or bust!). Its simple design and extreme deliciousness make it the supreme food for breakfast and if your child is thinking about dressing up as food this year, don’t let them settle for anything less than the waffle!Product DetailsThis child waffle costume comes in a size that’s perfect for any kid who can’t get enough waffles for breakfast. The costume comes with a tunic-style top that fits over your child’s normal clothes. It has a large, round shape and a printed waffle design on the exterior. It even has a printed glob of butter on it! It’s a quick and easy look that’s sure to make anyone hungry for some breakfast!Balanced BreakfastRemember, waffles are part of a BALANCED breakfast, so you may want to check out a few of our other breakfast food costumes to help you create a family group costume based on everyone’s favorite breakfast foods.

Who doesn’t love breakfast?! Not anyone we want to know! Dress your child as their favorite breakfast food with this Kids Waffle Costume.

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