Infant Toy Story Woody Costume


Infant Toy Story Woody Costume

INFINITY? TRY THE STARS!Buzz Lightyear talks a whole lot about zooming through space and going somewhere beyond infinity… but that’s all just rather confusing! Woody, on the other hand, has his feet firmly on the ground and knows just what he’s talking about. Bring characters from your favorite franchise of adorable toys to life when you dress your little partner up like Woody from Toy Story. Getting your child to be the representation of one of the most iconic and most loved animated characters has never been easier! In a flash, your little one will look like they are ready to save the house from an evil toy attack or show some older kids how they should really treat their toys. (Your kiddo might learn to be a little nicer to their things, too!) Either way, your kiddo will look and fit the part and learn quickly the amazing fun of shooting for the stars, just like Woody!PRODUCT DETAILSYour child will become everyone’s favorite sheriff when wearing this officially licensed Woody Infant Costume from Toy Story. The costume is made of brushed knit flannel and interlock knit fabrics, so it feels comfy and warm. The flannel shirt has front snaps and is printed to look like a yellow plaid shirt with a red scarf and cowhide vest. The attached pants are printed to look like blue denim with a belt and holster. The adorable flannel booties have printed spur and cacti designs. The polyfoam cowboy hat has ribbon overcast stitching on brim and completes the overall costume.TEAM UP WITH THE BUDDIESWoody is obviously the best leader any group of toys could ever want. All that means is you can unite Woody up with the rest of the team with a Buzz Lightyear costume or finally give Rex some spotlight time! 

He’ll be everyone’s favorite cowboy when he wears this Infant Toy Story Woody Costume. It’s a great costume for infants.

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