Infant Lion Costume Bunting


Infant Lion Costume Bunting

Why does Toto always get to be the one Dorothy carries under her arm in all the “Wizard of Oz” group costumes? We think it’s about time for a change. Since your little guy has a roar that can wake up the whole animal kingdom, why not the lion? Because let’s face it, making a trip to the Emerald City dressed as a little terrier just isn’t his style. You know the king of Oz’s jungle suits him much better. So suit him up in this adorable Infant Lion Bunting and take your lion with you on the Yellow Brick Road this Halloween!The path to Oz is fraught with a little danger here and there, like the Wicked Witch of the West and her flying monkeys. So it’s a good thing that this costume will make your lion comfortable (and maybe just a little less cowardly, but if not, that’s okay too) when he faces them along the way. With its zipper running inconspicuously along the side, you can easily get your baby in and out of it. On top of that, the placement of the zipper makes it so the lion’s belly is seamless, because we wouldn’t want to throw off his cute quotient! And in case Halloween’s a little cold this year, no worries. Baby will be able to keep warm bundled up in the suit’s satin-lined yellow microfleece.There’s simply no cuter way to pull off a Wizard of Oz family costume. With a stuffed tail sewn to the back, and a hood with a fleece mane and lion ears, this Infant Lion Bunting is the key to a perfect first Halloween for your little guy!

Now your wee one can be a wee ferocious one with this adorable and cozy Infant Lion Bunting!

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