Incredibles 2 Elasti-Arm


Incredibles 2 Elasti-Arm

GIVE YOUR KIDDO A HANDJust being a kid is already a pretty tough task.  It’s even harder when you know that kiddo is a superkid just waiting to let their power go and find a way to help the world become a better place.  Such an idealistic hope has to be helped along!You can do more than just give a round of applause for your heroic kiddo.  You can hire up the talents of Edna Mode to give your tyke a literal hand against the wicked menace of the Screenslaver, Syndrome, and the Underminer… and still help them keep a little distance from the danger. PRODUCT DETAILSEdna has done it again with this Elasti-Arm Toy Accessory from Incredibles 2.  This fantastic toy has a spring-loaded fist that can fly out for a gentle whap against the villains.  Sure, your kiddo won’t be knocking down walls, but we figure they should start small… at least until you get superpower-related collateral damage insurance!  UNLEASH INCREDIBLE POWERCombine the talents of Elasti-Girl and Mr. Incredible for your tyke with this spring-loaded fist.  The villains of the world won’t see it coming when your kiddo gives a devious smile and unleashes the extending punch of the Incredibles!  

Add an awesome touch to your kid’s superhero costume from the movie the Incredibles 2 with this Elasti-Arm. They will be ready to take on anything with this toy weapon.

SAS ID: 38286

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