Harlequin and Heart Thigh Highs


Harlequin and Heart Thigh Highs

Crack jokes and steal hearts in these sassy thigh highs, the ideal accessory for your cute theme costume! Before becoming a type of clown, Harlequins were a type of comic servant character popular in Europe. While they were originally stock characters, you’re ready to break convention and spice things up a bit. These sexy Harlequin and Heart Thigh Highs can complement a mime ensemble, a queenly look, any playing card-themed costume, or more! This pair fits a wide size range and features two thigh high socks–one with printed black horizontal stripes and red hearts, and one with a black diamond print. They look super cute with a pair of cherry-red platform heels and a petticoat, but knowing you, you will find a whole new way to wear this pair that we can’t even dream up!

Make your Harley Quinn costume stand out when you wear these cool Harlequin and Heart Thigh Highs!

SAS ID: 38286

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