Girls Red Jacket Devil Costume


Girls Red Jacket Devil Costume

We’re always painting the devil as a bad guy. Which, to be fair, by definition that’s exactly what he is. But if your little girl ran the underworld her attitude would be a little more nuanced. She might have a little bit of a temper, anyone who spends most of her days in dry heat herding souls that are constantly complaining about their lodgings is sure to show some sass every so often.  But unlike the other underworld underlings, she’d be sure to enact subtle yet effective punishment to her charges. She’ll do things like lightly kicking the back of their chair on fourteen-hour trans-inferno flights or asking “why” for everything. Do you want to turn the air conditioning up in Hades? Why? Enough with the sulfur and brimstone? Why? If your little girl is ready to come up to the earth’s crust and run the world then she’s going to need a jacket. It’s much colder up here! Your little one will be cozy with this maroon jacket with a sharp looking collar and a thick tail with a pointed end. Over the fiery dress, it’s a bewitching ensemble. Have a happy Halloween! And for goodness’ sake, don’t ask us why!

Bring out you child’s devilish side when you put her in this exclusive Girls Red Jacket Devil Costume. It features a fire inspired dress with a red devil jacket that has a tail!

SAS ID: 38286

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