Girls Pilgrim Costume


Girls Pilgrim Costume

When settling into a new place, there is always a rough learning curve that has to occur.  You’ve moved far away, left all your friends behind, and probably have to start over in a brand new school.  That’s a lot of stuff to figure out in just a short time.  So, it is important to understand that your kiddo is going to need to look modern and stylish.  They need to fit in with all the locals and look like they are on the cutting edge of trendy!So, do a bit of investigation before you arrive.  Find out what kind of people will be living there and what sorts of activities that they enjoy.  That way, your kiddo can be ready to blend in with the crowd flawlessly.  Then again, you’ve got a lot of work to do preparing for the move.  So, perhaps it would be helpful if we did some of that research for you.  Come to think of it, we’ve got the perfect package already set up for people settling into a new home!  It’s all ready!Here we go.  Your kiddo is going to look great in this modern and trendy look for settlers right off the Mayflower with this Girls Pilgrim costume.  You’ve got everything including a simple black dress and white center front inset apron panel.  The white bonnet hat fits comfy and will make your tyke look like they are right on the cusp of discovery.  Now it’ll all be about impressing the locals with their unique talents.  Perhaps invite everyone over for a nice meal and things will be smooth sailing… we hope.

This Girls Pilgrim Costume is fun for Thanksgiving, for plays or other holiday events. It’s also a great kids Halloween costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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