Girls Gothic Vampira Costume


Girls Gothic Vampira Costume

We are constantly trying to better understand the development of undead life cycles, though a lot of the nuances still escape us. One of the biggest questions we have yet to resolve is exactly how vampires are born and grow into adult Gothic wonders. Obviously we know about the transformations when a living human is made into a vampire… but we have also heard of a number of lovely young vamps who grow in a way that much closer resembles us!Of course, knowing that, we realize that you vampire mothers must go through the same sort of troubles. You must ask how you raise your little vampire to be a proud and capable young ghoul. You have to help balance her desire for independence and style with the need to still explore her youth under your guidance. It must be real tough to find that balance. So, we have a few ways that we can hopefully help you out.With this Girl’s Gothic Vampira costume, you can let your little mistress show her dark inner nature at the same time as her mystical style. The red taffeta base dress and skirt overlay gives a rippling red contrast to the black hue of the corded bodice and dark lacey skirt overlay. Three-quarter length sleeves father in dark lace cuffs and a simple fabric tie keeps the whole of the dress in perfect fit. Finish the look with a faux jeweled choker and a smile. In no time, your young vampiress will be ready to rule over her own Gothic castle… though, don’t worry, she’ll still be your little ghoul.

No wonder she’s missed so many days of school! Look what’s happened to her! Take a bite out of Halloween in this Girls Gothic Vampira Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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