Furry Purple Panda Girls Costume


Furry Purple Panda Girls Costume

Do you remember coloring books? A lot of kids would always color things just the way they appear in the real world. Suns were always colored yellow or orange, trees always had green leaves and the sky was always blue. Other kids? Well, they dared to dream in technicolor! They’d break those crayons out and make a duck blue. They’d grab those colored pencils and draw a magenta horse. And they’d definitely paint a panda bright purple with their watercolor paints. We like to encourage that kind of outside-the-box creativity!Well, our expert costume designers were the ones who would color their coloring books any color they wanted when they were kids! They cooked up this purple panda costume for the kids who aren’t afraid to use their imagination. The costume comes with a full jumpsuit that has an attached hood on the top that has panda ears and a pair of cute little eyes. It also comes with a pair of furry covers that fit over your child’s shoes. The final piece to this adorable outfit is the mittens, which have little paws designed into the palms. The best part about it all? Well, all the pieces are purple, of course!So, if your child loves color, loves using her imagination and doesn’t want to follow the rules, then she’ll definitely love dressing up in this purple panda costume! We just wonder what a purple panda would eat! Maybe a steady diet of red and blue bamboo shoots?

Get this exclusive Furry Purple Panda Girls Costume for a fun and unique costume this Halloween.

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