Foxtrot Flirt Costume For Women


Foxtrot Flirt Costume For Women

Do you know why we love the flapper era so much? Well, that’s easy: The Roaring ‘20s were the cat’s pajamas of opulence! It’s all about divine decadence and pure indulgence. We don’t know about you, but we love to indulge. Chocolate, booze, and more booze… we can’t stress enough how much we love to indulge!Can you imagine living in a time where alcohol was banned? Well, that’s why they had the smoky scenes of the speakeasies, filled with jazz and pure joy. If you know that you would have hated Prohibition and you would have probably spent most of your time at an underground speakeasy, then this foxtrot flirt costume is perfect for you!You’ll be channeling your inner Zelda Fitzgerald when you show up to the party raring to do the Charleston in this sleek number. You’ll dazzle and wow when you wear this Women’s Foxtrot Flirt costume. The mesh around the neckline is alluring while the cap sleeves have sequins and attached fringe. Sparkles cover the little black dress while fringe hangs down from the slits on the dress. Wrap the stretchy sequin band around your head and then get out there and do the Foxtrot. Add as many jewels as you want to look as fabulous as possible. Bring a little bit of the present into the past by adding a candy-colored wig for a modern twist on a classic costume. We recommend wearing a lilac wig to really make everyone’s heads turn. Who knows, you may just win a Charleston contest!

Flirt the night away in our fun 20s flapper style Women’s Foxtrot Flirt Costume featuring fringe and sequin detailing. You are guaranteed to have a roaring good time!

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