Fancy Fireworks Men’s Suit Opposuit


Fancy Fireworks Men’s Suit Opposuit

The Fireworks SuitHow’s this idea for you? We’ve been working on it for a while, so give it to us straight! A suit made… but it’s made entirely out of fireworks! Think about it. With apparel completely crafted out of fireworks, you could turn any occasion into a real celebration. You’d be a walking 4th of July extravaganza!Okay, okay. Some maybe there are some logistical issues that come along with trying to make a suit entirely out of fireworks… and it might be a bit safety hazard. Hey, not all of our ideas are winners! The good news is that Opposuits figured out a pretty darn good way to achieve the feeling of a fireworks celebrations without any of the dangers that come along with having any articles of clothing made out of actual fireworks.Product DetailsThis Fancy Fireworks Suit for men is a snazzy design by the folks from Opposuits, the company dedicated to bringing you wacky suit styles. It comes with 3 pieces: a suit jacket, matching pants, and a necktie. Each piece is made out of polyester (sorry, no real fireworks laced into the fabric on this one), which has a gold fireworks pattern throughout. The pants feature belt loops and a zip-style fly in the front. Finally, the necktie adds the coup de grace to this outfit. It’s a tie-it-yourself kind of necktie and it uses the same fireworks pattern as the suit to help you feel like the spirit of celebration.Suit Year’s EveEven if our original idea of making a suit out of fireworks never pans out, we can still feel pretty good know that you’ll be out there rocking this Fancy Fireworks Opposuit. With a glimmering gold look, it’s great for your July 4th party or for New Years Eve

You’ll be the stylish guy on New Year’s Eve or Independence Day in this Opposuit Fancy Fireworks Men’s Suit. This black suit features gold and silver decals of champagne flutes, rockets, stars, and more.

SAS ID: 38286

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