Disney Incredibles 2 Adult Gloves


Disney Incredibles 2 Adult Gloves

WHAT ABOUT WHEN EVIL IS… GOOEYVillains come in all shapes, sizes, and occasionally in all sorts of different compositions.  Believe us, heroics look like a pretty awesome career path until the first time you have to go head to goo with a garbage monster or slime blob!   But, when you’ve got good old Edna Mode in your R&D department, you can feel secure that you’ve got everything well in hand.  Sometimes literally, especially if it means costume prep!  (And, please, don’t tell Edna we called her old.  Yikes!)  FUN DETAILSGet geared up for everything with these Disney Incredibles 2 Adult Gloves.  These elbow-length black gloves will fit you fine and provide all the fashion and protection you need for all sorts of heroic conflicts.  (We’d still recommend avoiding them where possible, but at least you’ll look stylish if you’re required to jump fist-first into the fray!) SHINING, SHIMMERING SUPER GLOVESEdna Mode certainly had her head in the right place when she came up with the gear the Incredibles would need to finish off their heroic tasks.  And, bonus for us, we’ve got plenty of backups for you for your own super needs!  Let us give you a couple hands with these Incredible 2 Adult Gloves as you set off to dominate the bad guys! 

Get a complete Incredibles look this Halloween and add these Disney Incredibles 2 Adult Gloves.

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