Deluxe Tricorn Pirate Hat


Deluxe Tricorn Pirate Hat

There are lots (and lots) of pirates around these days. So how do you set yourself apart from the (increasingly large) crowd? Luckily, aspiring buccaneer, we have the answer for you. If you want to lead a crew of pirates across the high seas this Halloween, it’s going to take more than some old dime-store “cap” that everyone’s going to be wearing. You need a little flair, a little gravitas… specifically, a dash of historical authenticity. That’s why this Deluxe Tricorn Pirate Hat (“tricorn” being the name of the very cap you picture when someone says the word “pirate”) is perfect for your costume this Halloween!Made of felt for a realistic look and feel, this historical headwear goes great not only with a pirate captain costume, but pretty much any other figure from the 17th Century onward. Want to be a colonial settler? Check. A revolutionary war hero? Check. A founding father? Check. How about a colonial revolutionary founding father who’s also secretly a pirate? The possibilities are endless with this handsome Deluxe Tricorn Pirate Hat!

Aye avast! If ye be a blood thirsty pirate then you’ll be needing this Deluxe Tricorn Pirate Hat. It’ll keep the sun off yer face when you need it most. Trust me lad, when there is nothing but a miles of the watery deep and the large round goddess beating

SAS ID: 38286

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