Deluxe PJ Masks Gekko Costume


Deluxe PJ Masks Gekko Costume

He’s the youngest member of the PJ Masks, but what he lacks in age, he makes up for with his strength and ability to stick to any surface. He can even keep his balance and stick to super slippery ice! He’s quite the fighter and we all know him as the great Gekko!Gekko’s the little guy of the bunch that can sure pack quite a punch. His only problem is sometimes he comes up with fantastic plans, but is too quiet to make sure his voice is heard. Sometimes it can even get the whole team into a little bit of trouble! He’s always ready to figure something out in a pinch though, and he’s loyal to his friends. When he’s not stopping the likes of the little evil genius Romeo, The stealthy Night Ninja, and even Luna Girl sometimes. As Greg, he can be a little shy and doubtful of himself, but his friends, Connor and Amaya, are always there to encourage him. Sometimes this translates over to him dressed as Gekko, but his friends are there even then as Catboy and Owlette no matter what, and he’s there when they need him.Is your child ready to join the animal antics of the PJ Masks? Does he love to dress up in the color green? Do you constantly find him running around, climbing trees and anything else he can grab a hold of? Then this Deluxe Gekko costume just might be right to start him off on the right track. Just make sure he knows that he may be able to fight at night, but only if it’s before his bedtime!

This deluxe PJ Masks Gekko costume lights up just like Greg Gekko’s outfit does in the show!

SAS ID: 38286

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