DC Comics Deluxe Child Robin Costume


DC Comics Deluxe Child Robin Costume

Gotham can be one of the worst places in the world for enjoying a nice day after school, especially when one considers what occurs in that dark city day by day. Dozens of villains are constantly breaking out of Arkham Asylum and almost none of them have ever given any clear concern about early education. The police do all they can, but we all know there isn’t much a chance that they’re going to keep things in order. Thus, the city always looks up to the night sky and cries out for their one and only hero…But we all know better than that. Batman isn’t alone and couldn’t tackle even half of what he does without the solid assistance of his most trustworthy of sidekicks! Brought up from a young age as an amazing acrobat, Robin developed some serious skills and those tricks transferred perfectly to free-running and flipping over obstacles while assisting the Caped Crusader in his two-on-twenty fights with the notorious archvillains.You’ve raised your child right, which means that that kiddo is ready to do whatever it takes to help out any local buddies, especially Bats! Fortunately, we’ve got the gear you need in this DC Comics Deluxe Child Robin costume. A comfortable padded jumpsuit will fill out your youngster’s worthy muscles and the iconic color scheme of red, green, and black (plus the flashy yellow cape) will make it look like Robin has stepped right out of the comic books, themselves! The imitation utility belt has your child ready to face any of the Arkham villains… but, don’t worry, you shouldn’t need any shark spray.

Need a new sidekick? This DC Comics Deluxe Child Robin Costume will have your child playing the role of Gotham crime-fighter!

SAS ID: 38286

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