DC Batman Lanyard


DC Batman Lanyard

Bat-KeysBatman doesn’t need keys. He can access any building with his advanced lock picking skills, or if that fails, then he probably has some kind of gadget stashed away in his utility belt to do the job. And the Batcave? Well, we have to assume he has some sort of DNA recognition to gain access. We doubt that he’s carrying around a set of Bat-Keys in his pocket. So, Batman would probably never actually need one of these lanyards in his life.You, on the other hand, require keys. You need keys to get into your home, keys to unlock your car, and maybe even a key to open your super-special secret drawer in your desk. The good news is that this DC Batman Lanyard helps us non-superhero types keep our keys in one designated location!Product DetailsThe officially licensed lanyard has a ribbon that features various illustrations of Batman on it. It has a quick release snap that lets you access your keys quickly and it even has a small Bat symbol attached to the key ring. It comes with a clip, so you can even attach a card sleeve to it and use it for your next comic con!For Fans (and Batman)Batman might not need a lanyard, but you do! Use this stylish DC inspired one for all of your keys! (If you happen to actually be Batman, you can still use this if you like.)

This DC Batman Lanyard will keep your important items under lock and key!

SAS ID: 38286

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