Child SEAL Team Costume


Child SEAL Team Costume

Is your child especially efficient? Take orders well? Keep the room clean, bed made, clothing pressed? There are certain signature behaviors that mark a child as an early candidate for certain occupations. In the same way that you can recognize a future chef by the tykes who can taste the difference between rosemary and oregano or the natural physicists based on how quickly they can identify the correlations between mathematical formulae and observable events in nature, it is easy to spot the future of our military.Or, perhaps your kiddo is the exact opposite. Maybe that bed is never an important aspect of the daily chores… if any chores even ever make the list! A little inspiration by being in uniform might provoke some change. Sure, the most dangerous mission the kiddo has ever been on might have been that trip to the zoo, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from expanding their options!You can see just how much the tyke is made of by dressing up in this Child SEAL Team costume. Inspired from a real Navy SEAL uniform, this camo combo provides a military fatigue base and is only further augmented by the SEAL Team vest with numerous pockets for any needed mission accessories, and solid knee pads for protection for when things get a little dirty. Make sure to acquire the needed accessories, a side arm or alert whistle so you can bet bad guys will know that they’re in trouble when this SEAL comes a knocking.

He’s cleaned up his room. He’s made his bed. Now he’s ready to wear this child SEAL team costume and take on a really dangerous mission for the Navy.

SAS ID: 38286

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