Champ Bite Applique


Champ Bite Applique

Take that chomp like a ChampYou’ve seen a variety of zombie movies. It’s hard to get enough of the violent disaster scenario even if you’re the type to shield your eyes during the gory parts. It’s all the survival, scavenging, and finding good places to hole up through a storm of the dead. But there are those serious mistakes zombie survivors always seem to make. For one, everyone always gets on the road and panicked drivers will always make for traffic jams. Secondly, people are always yelling out and attracting more zombies when they’re bitten. They’re going down making a ton of noise and attracting more enemies. How rude! You can be different, take your bite like a champ with this handy, dandy bite applique. Hey, it’s just a flesh wound… we’re sure you’ll be okay!Product DetailsReady to take your first bite? Apply this bloody bite to your neck with spirit gum and you’ll get an inside scoop of what it feels like to be part of the undead downfall.Undead DiningNow that you’ve got this wound,  you have to decide what your bites backstory is. Were you cornered trying to fight your way out of a cabin in the woods? Were you on a supply run? You’ve got the bite now indulge in the drama! 

This Champ Bite Applique is the best way to complete the spooky costume you have for your parties this year!

SAS ID: 38286

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