Care Bears Child Classic Bed Time Bear Costume


Care Bears Child Classic Bed Time Bear Costume

LIGHTS OUT!Time for the dreaded nighttime routine— every parent knows exactly what we mean. After dinner, story time and a light snack, it’s time for all little ankle-biters to wash up for bed. Kids are never fond of this time because it’s a dull routine involving structure and relaxation. Children, always full of excitement, find this difficult to do. (Hard to believe, right? We’re fast asleep five seconds after our heads hit the pillow!) Luckily, Bedtime Bear is here to make sleepy time a whole lot easier for everyone involved, plus he’s also a pretty chill character. Bedtime Bear wants everyone to go to bed on time, even you, mom and dad— you’re going to get your full 8 hours tonight. (Yes!)The Care Bears child classic Bedtime Bear costume shrouds kids in a blanket of softness so they’ll feel the urge to hit the hay earlier on in the evening. It’s also perfectly suitable for Halloween, just expect your kiddo to crawl into bed directly after trick-or-treating. DESIGN & DETAILSThe Made by Us costume features a full zipper in the front, high-quality ultra-soft material and an appliqued moon and star belly badge. The officially licensed jumpsuit has an attached hood with an embroidered face and rounded ears while attached heart-shaped mitts are connected to sleeve cuffs. (They won’t get lost on any trick-or-treat travels.) Finally, a pair of matching shoe covers are included with the jumpsuit to complete the head-to-toe disguise. PASS THE PILLOWPerfect for both bedtime and Halloween festivities, this colorful costume is a must-have if you live in a cold-weather climate. If it’s already frigid in October, you can easily layer with other clothing underneath this jumpsuit. Pick up a Care Bears costume for the whole family. We have toddler sizes, adult sizes and plus sizes too!             

You might have grown up watching Care Bears, and now you can pass it onto the next generation with this officially licensed Classic Bed Time Bear costume.

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