Black Jazz Flapper Costume


Black Jazz Flapper Costume

We’re all looking to leave our mark and earn the fame that, deep down, we know we are destined for. And, while we’re pursuing that, why the heck can’t we enjoy ourselves, too? What we’re missing these days are the underground spots filled with just the right music, the finest drinks, and the deliciously talented entertainment of the ‘20s.The intrigue, the flash, the drama! And, dare we forget to mention the fashion that walked the perfect line between classy and seductive!? Go back to the smoky jazz clubs of the Roaring ‘20s era Chicago and feel the style and energy as the talent of their flappers leaves little competition, especially when faced with the ‘Shimmy Queen,’ Gilda Gray.That’s why we offer you a truly transformative opportunity with the stunning Black Jazz Flapper costume. Make it about all that jazz as you channel your inner Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart and flap your way to fame. Find yourself a swingin’ jazz pianist and a nice speakeasy and have a little fun tonight with the sequined shreds that will flap with your moves and reflect a perfect balance of light and dark, of shine and grit. If making your famous mark on the dance floor strikes you as a path to fame, relive this gorgeous fashion trend and jazz it up with a few perfect accessories and then give a bow as you feel the waves of well-deserved applause.

Get a fashion blast from the past in the black jazz flapper costume. It’s got a look that’s retro and fun and straight out of a smokey jazz club!

SAS ID: 38286

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