American Fighter Plane Toddler Costume


American Fighter Plane Toddler Costume

Does it seem like your child runs on pure jet fuel? One second he’s bouncing off the walls like a tennis ball and the next second he’s leaping around like a frog or… some kind of aircraft! Why, if you didn’t know better, you’d probably guess that he’s a tiny airplane trying to take flight. Maybe that just means that your kid is ready to take to the skies. He could take on dangerous missions, flying through enemy territory while dropping bombs on bad guys. He could make barrel rolls to avoid enemy fire. He could even be the hero of the day! Now it might be kind of hard to get that image out of your head, but don’t worry. Our expert costume designers have come up with a new costume to help turn that image into a reality.Based on some of the fiercest fighter jets and bomber planes from history, this American Fighter Plane costume for toddlers is one part ferocious and one part adorable. The costume comes with a top that’s shaped like a plane! It has wings on each side with faux bombs sewn onto the bottoms. The exterior of the outfit has a camouflage pattern, while the belly side has a light tan color. A devilish scowling face is on the top and a little propeller is attached to the very top.Your child will be the top gun in the sky when he wears it! You can even bring him to air shows to turn him into the center of attention!

Take your child’s costume wearing to new heights when you get this exclusive American Fighter Plane Toddler Costume. This costume features a camouflage plane with red and tan accents.

SAS ID: 38286

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