Adult Raven/Crow Costume


Adult Raven/Crow Costume

The animal kingdom is a diverse place with a wide variety of creatures, ranging from the especially common to the unbelievable… creatures that leave us wondering how they even managed to exist in the first place. Then, there are a few surprising ones that initially look common place but hide bizarre secrets that can only be discovered to those minds who are especially investigative.Most notable in the last category is the enigmatic crow. From a quick look, the creatures look to be large winged black birds. A little bit of a white or gray ruffle on their chest or neck, periodically, and a nice looking crown of a head. They fly about as one would expect and rifle through trash and scavenge for food. But, they are seen culturally as being secret messengers between gods, carrying words from the spiritual realm to the land of the living. Some believe they are the transmogrified souls of murdered folks and others say they are merely present for tragic events and are omens of disaster. But, the most surprising fact of the crow is that they are actually humanoids with big wings who enjoy making strange sounds at parties!Miraculous what we can uncover about the secrets of the animal kingdom and it is time for you to spread your wings proudly with this Adult Raven/Crow costume. The black velvet shirt has rounded fabric rows that keenly show off your feathered chest and back. The pullover hood makes sure that you are highly aware of your surroundings and can threaten any would-be antagonists with your beak. Spread your attachable wings to take off and make everyone wonder just what kind of omen you might be!

Become the title character from the horror movie The Birds in this adult crow costume. Or just wear it as a clever bird disguise for hanging out in parks and getting people to toss you bread.

SAS ID: 38286

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