Adult Old West Bartender Costume


Adult Old West Bartender Costume

Want to know what the most dangerous job in all of the Wild West was? It’s not the undertaker. It’s not the cowboy. It’s not even the gunslinger. Nope, the most dangerous job in the west was probably the bartender. Why, you might wonder? Well, just think about it. All those rough and tumble characters strolling into the saloon to get a major dose of whiskey just spells trouble. And who has to break up all the squabbles? That’s right, the bartender. That’s why bartenders of the old west needed to have a look that was just as rough and tumble as the shifty characters walking into his bar.This Adult Old West Bartender Costume creates the look of a whiskey-slinging barkeep who doesn’t take any guff from anyone. The costume comes with a shirt and vest combo that look like they came right out of Tombstone, Arizona circa 1881! The apron lets your good patrons know that you’re ready to serve them. Just make sure you have enough attitude to let any of your cowboy patrons know that you don’t take any tomfoolery in your establishment! And make sure you accessorize this costume with one of our toy guns to match, or we reckon you’ll be sorry.

Take a step back in time with our adult Old West bartender costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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