Adult Deluxe Black Panther Costume


Adult Deluxe Black Panther Costume

Just Can’t Wait to be KingDo you want to be king? It seems like a pretty good deal! T’Challa gets to have superpowers, compliments of the Heart-Shaped Herb. He gets to wear an awesome supersuit, compliments of his genius sister, Shuri. He also gets to spend his free time living in a large skyscraper in Wakanda. Unfortunately, you sort of need to be from Wakanda to be king and you need to defeat the current king in ritual combat to secure your place as the new king! Sounds tough… isn’t there an easier way to become Black Panther?Well, maybe there is a simpler way to become the Black Panther. You just need to learn a few great martial arts moves and you’re also going to need a great costume. We might not know anything about martial arts moves, but we can certainly help you get the right kind of costume for your transformation into a Marvel superhero.Product DetailsThis deluxe Black Panther costume is based on the one worn by Chadwick Boseman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The costume comes with a black, full-body jumpsuit that has muscle padding in the chest and arms. That means you can look just as buff as T’Challa without any trips to the gym! The suit has other great details, like patterned printing on the chest and arms and a printed panther claw necklace is even printed around the neck! Of course, it also comes with a molded mask to help you conceal your identity from your many foes. Once you put the whole ensemble on, you’ll feel like the true king of Wakanda!Monarch Made EasySo, if you want an easy way to become the Black Panther, then skip the Heart-Shaped Herb and skip the ritual combat. You can just wear this quick and easy costume, that’s officially licensed by Marvel, and call it a day!

Become your favorite superhero this Halloween and look extra awesome with this Deluxe Black Panther Adult Costume.

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