Adult Annie Costume


Adult Annie Costume

Leapin’ lizards! There’s a Little Orphan Annie costume for adults! That’s almost as good as being adopted by a multi-millionaire!Maybe far away, or maybe real nearby, your pal is prepping her Halloween party. She’s expecting the usual gathering of pirates, princesses, and witches, but we bet your bottom dollar that she’s not expecting you to arrive in this too-cute Adult Annie Costume. This outfit totally transforms you into that freckled face little orphan that you use to love as a kid! Sure, at times it can be a hard knock life, but it’s not a totally rotten smelly life, look at all the fun you get to dress up and have! And if the day of the party turns out grey and rainy, you know exactly what you can stick out your chin, and grin, and say…don’t you? Tomorrow, you can go back reality. For now, you’re busy daydreaming about singing to FDR. So slip on this iconic collared red dress (and bloomers, if you can find ‘em), pick up a red curly wig (and maybe a sandy-colored mutt) and be happy you and this costume are finally together at last. Now if there were only a real life Daddy Warbucks to transform life into an endless stream of dreams come true!

The sun will magically come out when you wear this Adult Annie Costume! This is a great costume for adult women who want to turn into the magical young girl!

SAS ID: 38286

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