Women’s Voluptuous Viking Costume


Women’s Voluptuous Viking Costume

Do you hear that horn?Hear it? The sound out there in the distance? Yup, it’s a Gjallarhorn,  calling you into battle. Well, there’s only one thing you oughtta do. Suit up and head to the battlefield, and win all of the glory for your Viking tribe. Yup. It’s going to be a Viking resurgence!Don’t fret about which outfit to wear to the throwdown, either. It won’t take much trouble ticking off all the boxes for the affair. You’re going to want to look chic. But still, look like a warrior. And looking quite voluptuous wouldn’t hurt either! Well, we’re happy to inform you that you can take care off all those desires with one simple costume. This Women’s Voluptuous Viking Costume!product DetailsThis Women’s Voluptuous Viking Costume is a historically themed look that will have your Vikings theme displayed in an alluring way. Styled as a romper, this costume comes with drapes attached to the suit, along with a belt, wrist cuffs, a choker necklace, and a headband. 100 percent polyester, the step in romper has elastic around the leg openings for just the right fit. The velvet bodice insert has ribbon lacing for a decorative touch, and there’s faux fur trim on the neckline and sleeves for even more detail. The drapes are attached to the shoulder, and are made of semi-sheer gauze. Complete the style with belt, necklace, and wrist cuffs, and then top everything off with the headband that features over-sized stuffed velour horns. Alltogether, this costume will have you looking like a real deal Viking.where will you sail to?With a costume that looks this good, you’ll probably feel ready to hop in a Viking longboat and sail off to some faraway land. But, if you want to wear this style to the local costume party or even out clubbing on Halloween, we don’t see any harm in that! It’s not like Vikings were always battling. They liked to have some fun, too!

Wear this Sexy Voluptuous Viking Costume for women and show off your fierce side this Halloween.

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