Women’s Spellbinding Sweetie Costume


Women’s Spellbinding Sweetie Costume

CHANNELING ALL SISTERS OF THE MOON Sisters, tonight is a full moon so let’s come together, join hands, and elevate our powers. It’s time to cast out the darkness lurking inside our hearts and unleash the magic trapped inside our very souls. The Goddess Hecate demands this of us! Let’s choose the light, banish all negativity, and become supreme witches, lightworkers, and guides from an otherworldly realm. Shall we, in unison, finally let go of all the things that no longer serve us, all the negativity and excuses as the moon glows, full and round? Please join me in a spell under this month’s full moon so we can reach our greatest potential and become the witches this world needs; the witches that will save humanity from their own wicked snares. Grab a satchel filled with dried lavender, all rose quartz and amethyst crystals (for self-love), your wand, and this costume, then meet at the abandoned cottage, shrouded in the woods, for a soul-transcending spell to guide us out of the darkness. Remember sisters, we are legion!           PRODUCT DETAILSAre you ready for a witch sister rendezvous? You have the crystals, wand, lavender and good intentions; all that’s missing is a women’s spellbinding sweetie costume. A Made by Us design, this high-quality and carefully constructed dress has stylish see-through sleeves and a high-collar neckline which cinches together with fabric ties. An attached belt made to look like bat wings gives the dress a fitted look. Finally, a classic witch hat, with a wide brim and cone-shaped top completes the beguiling ensemble.      A SPELLBOUND SQUADYou may think you have everything necessary for conducting the spell but no witch is complete without her coven. Gather up your spellbound squad and introduce them to our different witch costumes and accessories. We have the stylish witchy wardrobe your Wiccan sisters want!      

What kind of potion will you conjure up in the Women’s Spellbinding Sweetie Costume?

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