Women’s Roaring 20’s Flapper Costume Flapper Dress Costume


Women’s Roaring 20’s Flapper Costume Flapper Dress Costume

A Time of ChangeThe 20s were a time of change. Everything was new, emerging. Automobiles were making their way to the hands of everyday people. Electricity burnt lightbulbs through the night, changing the very skyline of once dark cities. People enjoyed freedoms that had recently seemed far off. Women rode bicycles, voted, and traded in those terrible corsets for gorgeous ensembles that were a lot more manageable. These ladies of the modern era really knew how to keep it classy and functional. Fashions from the 20s have been copied and revered ever since that gilded age.Design & DetailsIn this dress, you’ll feel ready to hop into that Model T and you can catch the newest silent film. While the velour and satin material says you’re a modern city flapper who won’t take any flack, the asymmetrical skirt makes it easy to break into those fantastic flapper moves. The black hat is perfect for daytime or evening velour hat with its attached flower and sequins. This ensemble is figure-flattering, the velour bodice is ruched around a satin diamond that emphasizes a high waistline. The black velour comes further down in the back, giving the dress that classic 1920s drop-waist silhouette.Roaring Good TimeYou’ll be sure to have a roaring good time in this dress as you rock this 1920s flapper costume whether it’s for Halloween or a 1920s themed party. Don’t forget those pearls and a feather boa to obtain that full 20s flair. Keep this class act up and you might end up in one of those newfangled talkies!

Get this roaring 20’s flapper girl prohibition era jazz style dress for a raging good time this Halloween. The perfect costume for a night out on the town.

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