Women’s Panda Hooded Jacket Costume


Women’s Panda Hooded Jacket Costume

Oh, Shoot!Wouldn’t it be nice to be happy with eating only celery your whole life? No peanut butter, no bloody marys. Just celery that grows ninety feet tall and requires razor-sharp teeth to chew. That’s all that panda bears evolved to eat. These cute yet mysterious bears were born to simply eat, sleep, and eat some more. The low nutritional value of the bamboo means that they’ve constantly got noshing on their minds. When it comes to pandas cute and hungry is the name of the game. Maybe that’s why so many of us connect with the black and white creatures. Want to get in touch with your cute and hungry spirit animal? This hoodie not only makes you look like an adorable panda but it also gets you in touch with their chill and cozy nature. We think pandas would be proud. Product Details & DesignOur Made-By-Us designers are all about putting a unique twist on costume favorites. This panda hoodie embraces casual, work day-friendly costumes in a fashion-forward way. The soft, microfiber faux fur exterior has a white zippered body and oversized black sleeves. The relaxed hood with a smooth interior and cheery large ears tops the whole thing off to make your cozy hoodie costume party worthy. Grin and Bear ItYou never know what fun costumed events might pop up. That’s why it’s great to have a casual costume go-to in your closet. Wear this adorable hoodie while escorting trick-or-treaters door to door on Halloween night. Then bring it out again when your local zoo is having an earth day party to support the endangered species of our planet. Dressing it up and down is a breeze. Simply pair it with black and white makeup and black leggings and you’ll have a unique ensemble that celebrates your very own inner panda bear. 

Rock the cute and cuddly look with Halloween with this exclusive Women’s Panda Hooded Jacket Costume. It features a fuzzy hoodie styled to look like a Panda.

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