Womens Lucky Leprechaun Costume


Womens Lucky Leprechaun Costume

It is tough to arrive to a party or other exciting social engagement and always receive the terrible question, “Hey, wanna get lucky?” It is such a condescending question, implying that you’re not already sitting pretty awesome in the realm of luck. You’ve got everything going for you!? What the heck can someone else do to help you get more luck than you’ve already earned? Anyway, how is luck even exchanged? It isn’t like a commodity that is in any contemporary commerce, these days, right?Well, we’ve heard the question a few times and went to the source to find the answers. The Irish and their never ending supply of folklore had a lot to tell us. Leprechauns! They are odd little fae folk who are so often hiding behind rainbows and sneaking pots of gold from place to place. They are the ones who know the secret of their golden coins. That is where the luck is stored!Well, this year, we can help you avoid that silly question by helping you garb yourself up in this Lucky Leprechaun costume. Don this super stretchy lime green corset tank top and the matching hunter green jacket complete with golden trim and long coat tails and you’ll have the perfect look of the Irish luck! The matching skirt and hat complete the look. With this Leprechaun look, you’ll be the one in charge of handing out the luck this year! Though, now everyone will just be asking where your pot of gold is hidden, but that is a secret that you can keep all to yourself!

This lucky leprechaun costume for women is perfect for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone will know that they’ve found the treasure at the end of the rainbow!

SAS ID: 38286

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