Women’s Hail Mary Hottie Costume


Women’s Hail Mary Hottie Costume

We think it’s about time for some role reversal out on the gridiron. Can we get a hoooo-rah if you’re with us? HOOOO-RAAAH!Don’t get us wrong, we love sitting down with a bucket of chicken wings on a Sunday to watch rough-and-tumble men fight over the pigskin. Watching our favorite team pass, kick, and tackle their way to victory get us all fired up and we can’t think of a better way to end a weekend. Even though we love it, we can’t help but want to see a change happen to the great American game…We want to switch things up and create a women’s football league! We’d love to see strong ladies running plays, scoring touchdowns, and kicking field goals out on the big green. We are HUGE advocates of female athletes so we’re pushing for this new league to start up and we think that you would should be the team captain. You can juke past the offensive tackle like no one’s business, plus your spiral puts Tony Romo’s to shame. Beside, how awesome would it be to see male cheerleaders on the sidelines doing backhand springs and shaking pom poms?Have we sold you on the idea yet? If you’re still hesitant about it, hopefully this Hail Mary hottie costume will convince you completely. Not only will you be a fierce competitor putting up points for your team, but you’ll be wearing this cute mesh jersey and matching spandex shorts combo while doing so. The crowd will be cheering for your athleticism and your sporty-chic fashion sense. It’s really only a matter of time before your picture is hanging next to Joe Montana’s in the Pro Football Hall of Fame!

Go for the hail Mary in this women’s football jersey hail Mary hottie costume.

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