Womens Gold Goddess Heels


Womens Gold Goddess Heels

When you’re invited to one of Zeus’ annual parties, you really have to dress the part. The paparazzi of the gods are there in full force just looking to capture any fashion faux pas, or cultural slip of any kind. For a goddess like you that means getting exactly the right look even more stressful! Luckily, we got your shoes covered with these gorgeous goddess heels. Not only will Zeus approve (and likely make some kind of salacious remark) but the paparazzi will be snapping photos of you left and right, and hark! you may even appear on ‘Mt. Olympus Weekly’ looking fabulous in your glimmering high heels.

The ethereal beings of Mt. Olympus demand only the highest, most beautiful in fashionable footwear. These womens gold goddess heels deliver just that!

SAS ID: 38286

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