Women’s Deluxe Classic Toga Costume


Women’s Deluxe Classic Toga Costume

What do we think of when we look to the ancient time of the Romans and Greeks? Nobility! Finery! Passionate and powerful gods! Academic and tempered minds engaging in worthy debate and discourse over complex and important matters! Drunken nights of wild boasting and debauchery! … Well, not all of that seems like it belongs wrapped up into the same perceived culture, but… when you are in Ancient Rome, you do as the Ancient Romans did!Whether you have ambitions of high society and the delightful antics that might accompany them or grand designs for a place among the ancient Roman gods, there is certainly one thing that holds true: you must look the part. And that part demands the perfect toga! The illustrious garment is seen worn both by Greek and Roman gods as well as the priests and, frankly, anyone that just wanted to be unbelievably comfortable whether at a party or in academic discourse.And, whether you’re looking at doing a historical reenactment or headed out to the local frat for the perfect toga party, you are going to look fantastic, too, with this Women’s Deluxe Classic Toga costume. This sleeveless pullover tunic has a cowl neckline and two luxurious drapes of cloth off your shoulder. Not to be seen a commoner, you are accented with a ribbon belt of black and metallic gold brocade Be sure to add the right leather sandals and perhaps a crown of ivy and you’ll be ready to ascend without even needing to debate the deific origins!

Wear this Women’s Deluxe Classic Toga Costume to any toga party or historic-themed event!

SAS ID: 38286

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